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Discover a range of products related to The Metropolitan Museum of Arts extraordinary exhibitions.
Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom

October 12, 2015January 24, 2016

From textiles to jewelry to sculpture, this enigmatic period of Egyptian history has inspired a vast array of art and merchandise.

Kongo: Power and Majesty

September 18January 3, 2016

Africa's Kongo civilization is responsible for one of the worlds greatest artistic traditions. These inspired designs by contemporary artisans honor the vision and originality of gifted African masters, past and present.

Sargent: Portraits of Artists and

Celebrate the friendships between the renowned painter John Singer Sargent, and his artistic sitters, both in the studio and en plein air.

China: Through the Looking Glass

Exploring the impact of Chinese aesthetics on Western fashion. View items inspired by the exhibition.

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