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Shop our latest catalog for seasonal home decor, accessories, and holiday gifts inspired by the arts.

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  1. Geometric Patterns Pen and Pencil Set
    Geometric Patterns Pen and Pencil Set 2 5 5 1
  2. Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Day-to-Day Calendar 2023
    Best Seller
    Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Day-to-Day Calendar 2023
    Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Day-to-Day Calendar 2023 1 5 5 1
Our newest range of unique gifts for art lovers has arrived at The Met Museum gift shop, including unique Christmas ornaments, Christmas cards, and holiday decorations of the season ahead, in addition to holiday jewelry sets, ornament gifts, and other holiday gifts for 2022. Find dozens of the best Christmas cards around, all evoking source art from across The Met collection. We’re also showcasing our latest 2023 calendars, including wall, engagement, and desk art calendars. These art calendars are not only the perfect gifts for art lovers, but also great gifts under $50. Speaking of unique museum gifts for art lovers, our art Advent calendars make unique Christmas gifts for kids as well as the grownups on your list. This season also sees the arrival of a new line of Hanukkah and Judaica gifts and cards, along with art-inspired jewelry, art stationery, silk scarves, unique home decor gifts, collectible gifts, and other museum keepsakes, in addition to the best gifts for women and kids.