All Clearance & Sale Art-Inspired Items

The Met Store's full selection of all clearance and sale items features art-inspired gifts, jewelry, apparel, books, and more.
  1. Bees with Honeycomb Scarf
    Bees with Honeycomb Scarf
  2. Moroccan Motifs Scarf
    Moroccan Motifs Scarf
  3. Jeweled Cross Medallions Scarf
    Jeweled Cross Medallions Scarf
  4. Crosses of Faith Scarf
    Crosses of Faith Scarf
  5. Qing Chrysanthemums Scarf
    Qing Chrysanthemums Scarf
  6. Snow Crystal Scarf
    Snow Crystal Scarf
    As low as $40.50
  7. French Elephant Vase Scarf
    French Elephant Vase Scarf
The Met Store's full selection of clearance and sale items provides a wide range of options for art lovers to find jewelry, decor, apparel, books and more at the best prices. The Met Store's clearance selection is also an ideal place to find gifts for anyone who is a fan of The Metropolitan Museum of Art or who could use some aesthetic inspiration in their life.