All Art-Inspired Clothing & Accessories

From graphic tees to brightly patterned scarves, our collection of artistic apparel and accessories brings a bit of The Met collection to your closet.
  1. Egyptian Eyes Scarf
    Egyptian Eyes Scarf
  2. Mondrian Composition Oversize Square Scarf
    Mondrian Composition Oversize Square Scarf 11 3 5 1
  3. Heraldic Sword Scarf
    Heraldic Sword Scarf 1 1 5 1
  4. Knit Scarf with Heraldic Patches
    Knit Scarf with Heraldic Patches
  5. William Morris Marigold Ruana
    Best Seller
    William Morris Marigold Ruana
    William Morris Marigold Ruana 4 5 5 1
Graphic tees, floaty ruanas, colorful shawls, brightly patterned scarves, and more: Our collection of artistic clothing and accessories allows art lovers to incorporate The Met collection into their wardrobes. The Met Store team has created versatile pieces based on a wide array of influences, including Renaissance Europe, the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the arts of East Asia, and even a certain little blue hippo—reflecting the endless sources of inspiration the Museum provides.