All Art-Inspired Clothing & Accessories

From graphic tees to brightly patterned scarves, our collection of artistic apparel and accessories brings a bit of The Met collection to your closet.
  1. The Met 150 Tote
    The Met 150 Tote
  2. Unicorn in Captivity Tote
    Best Seller
  3. Met Logo Canvas Tote
    As low as $35.00
  4. The Favorite Cat Tote
    The Favorite Cat Tote
  5. Met Logo Folding Tote
    As low as $12.00
Graphic tees, floaty ruanas, colorful shawls, brightly patterned scarves, and more: Our collection of artistic clothing and accessories allows art lovers to incorporate The Met collection into their wardrobes. The Met Store team has created versatile pieces based on a wide array of influences, including Renaissance Europe, the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the arts of East Asia, and even a certain little blue hippo—reflecting the endless sources of inspiration the Museum provides.