Think exaggerated. Think extravagant. Think Camp: Notes on Fashion. Shop the show.

The Camp Collection

Discover colorful apparel, accessories, and more, all designed exclusively for The Met Store's Camp: Notes on Fashion collection.
Camp: Notes on Fashion Designers
  1. Marc Jacobs Marquee Tee
    Marc Jacobs Marquee Tee
    As low as $145.00
  2. Erdem Floral Scarf
    Erdem Floral Scarf
  3. Erdem Floral Tee
    Erdem Floral Tee
    As low as $370.00
  4. Off-White™ Met Tee
    Off-White™ Met Tee
    As low as $330.00
  5. Off-White™ Met Cap
    Off-White™ Met Cap
  6. Off-White™ Met Sweatpants
    Off-White™ Met Sweatpants
    As low as $590.00
  7. Off-White™ Met Sweatshirt
    Off-White™ Met Sweatshirt
    As low as $640.00
  8. Vaquera Sock Bag
    Vaquera Sock Bag
  9. Molly Goddard Mini Tote
    Molly Goddard Mini Tote
    As low as $550.00
  10. Molly Goddard Bolero
    Molly Goddard Bolero
  11. Blindness Fashion Face Mask
    Blindness Fashion Face Mask
    As low as $63.00
  12. Blindness Pink Met Tee
    Blindness Pink Met Tee
    As low as $75.00
  13. Blindness Met Black Tee
    Blindness Met Black Tee
    As low as $83.00
  14. Blindness Fashion Chin Mask
    Blindness Fashion Chin Mask
    As low as $100.00
As Oscar Wilde, who personified camp and who plays a major role in The Costume Institute's "Camp: Notes on Fashion," put it, "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art." With The Met Store's exclusive Camp Collection, you might just be able to do both at once. By collaborating closely with designers who took inspiration from the camp aesthetic in wildly different ways, we're proud to present this collection of distinctive pieces that allow you to add one-of-a-kind items to your wardrobe, and to your life.