New Home Decor Art

Breathe fresh life into your space with the newest art-inspired home decor. From Mondrian to Monet, you'll find the artists you love.
  1. 2019 Shoe Ornaments Set
    Best Seller
    2019 Shoe Ornaments Set
  2. 2019 Angel Tree Ornament
    Best Seller
    2019 Angel Tree Ornament
  3. Met Sketches: Easel Ornaments Set
    Met Sketches: Easel Ornaments Set
Bring your favorite art into your home or office with a unique piece from our newest home decor. Inspired by centuries of art in The Met collection, our decor items will brighten your space and your state of mind. From the ancient masters to pop culture, there's is something for everyone. Discover what makes you happy at The Met Store.