Art Scarves & Wraps

The Met Store's collection of distinctive, stylish scarves and wraps feature art-inspired patterns and textures drawn from The Met collection.

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  1. Chinese Phoenixes and Peonies Oblong Velvet Burnout Scarf
    As low as $125.00


  • Where can I buy unique art scarves?

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop is the go-to shopping destination for unique art scarves. Inspired by original artworks in the Museum's collection, our much-loved fashion scarves are ideal gifts for her.
  • Can I get an art-inspired winter scarf?

    If you're on the hunt for a beautiful art-inspired winter scarf, look no further than the gift shop at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our unique scarves feature striking details from beloved artworks in the Museum's holdings. Plus, they make fantastic winter gifts for art lovers, especially on Valentine's Day or for that special winter birthday.
  • How do I style my Metropolitan Museum of Art silk scarf?

    An art silk scarf from The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop offers endless styling possibilities. Go the traditional route with your fashion scarf by doing a classic French knot, a reverse drape, or triangle knot. Or get creative with your museum scarf by experimenting with a knotted double loop or Italian twist. Fashion scarves also stand out when tied on your handbag or styled as a hair wrap.
  • Is an art silk scarf a good gift?

    Silk scarves are the perfect gifts for art lovers, especially art scarves given as gifts for her on Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or a milestone birthday. The gift of a Met scarf signals both excellent taste and a love of the arts. And you can feel good knowing that every fashion scarf purchased from The Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop supports the Museum and its programs.
  • Are silk scarves in style?

    Silk scarves are always in style, no matter the season or occasion. Not only do unique scarves elevate any look, but fashion scarves also make great gifts for art lovers, whether you're shopping for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or even someone special's birthday.
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    The Met Store's frequently asked questions