2024 Calendars & Art Advent Calendars


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  1. Angel Tree 3D Advent Calendar
    Best Seller
    Angel Tree 3D Advent Calendar
    Angel Tree 3D Advent Calendar 49 3.6 5 1
  2. Avian Holiday Pop-Up Advent Calendar
    Avian Holiday Pop-Up Advent Calendar 54 4.5 5 1
  3. Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar
Adding beautiful art to your home is easy with The Met Store’s collection of art-inspired calendars. Select from art wall calendars of your favorite masterworks or desk calendars featuring paintings from The Met collection. No matter your home decor style, you’ll find elegant art calendars to accent your home environment. Museum gifts are often instant keepsakes and an art calendar from the Museum gift shop is no exception. If you’re looking for a unique gift for an art lover in your life, give them the timeless gift of fine art, captured in a useful calendar. Choose an art calendar from one of their favorite artists for a memorable gift this year. Whether you're shopping for holiday gifts for art lovers in your life or purchasing your own art-inspired calendar to enjoy this year—it's all available at The Met Store. Select a useful art calendar featuring iconic artwork from The Met collection. Add a pen-and-pencil set to brighten up their home office desk if you're looking to expand the gift and stay on theme. While you're shopping, don't forget to choose a few items for yourself, too. Bring some artful inspiration to your home office with an art-themed paperweight or into your kitchen with artful serveware. Solve all your artistic gifting needs in one place with The Met Store.