Artful Holiday & Christmas Cards

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Art-inspired holiday cards from The Met Store are a great option for sending as your season's greetings this year. Offer your warm well-wishes this holiday season in an artful fashion with holiday cards from the museum gift shop. From Picasso's iconic dove of peace to sweeping Nativity scenes, the array of art holiday cards makes certain that you'll find the perfect card to send this year. Holiday money holder art cards are another beautiful and useful option for your holiday cards. Your thoughtful Christmas gift of cash, checks, or gift cards will be enveloped in one of eight different charming works of art this holiday season. With clean, blank interiors, you'll have room to convey your heartfelt holiday best wishes. While you're shopping for holiday art cards, take note of the artful desk accessories, pens, and pencils that will make thoughtful token gifts to accompany your holiday cards. Of course, don't forget to choose a few items for yourself, too. Bring some artful inspiration to your home office with an art-inspired paperweight, an eye-catching bookmark, or a set of magnets featuring Louis C. Tiffany's innovative works. Solve all your artistic gifting needs in one place with The Met Store.