Artistic Notecards & Correspondence Cards

Enhance your greetings with something more personal than an email with our array of decorative notecards, featuring works from The Met collection.

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28 Items

Art notecards from The Met Store are a great gift option for anyone on your gift list. Gifts for her or gifts for him, both are at your fingertips with elegant art-inspired stationery. Be sure to browse for leather-bound journals or portable watercolor sets while you’re here. Shopping for gifts for art lovers in your life couldn't be easier than at The Met Store. Give a set of art notecards inspired by a renowned piece of art in The Met collection for a unique and enjoyable gift. Gift the aspiring artists in your life art-inspired correspondence cards they will love having on hand when they need to send warm, artful greetings. Graduation gifts, birthday presents, or a simple just-because gift—it's all available at The Met Store. Select a useful set of art notecards featuring iconic artwork from The Met collection or a pen and pencil set to brighten up their home office desk. While you're shopping, don't forget to choose a few items for yourself, too. Bring some artful inspiration to your home office with an art-inspired paperweight, an eye-catching bookmark, or a set of magnets featuring Louis C. Tiffany's innovative designs. Solve all your artistic gifting needs in one place with The Met Store.