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The Met Store's full line of stationery, calendars, desk accessories, and art supplies celebrates the 5,000 years of art in The Met collection.

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  • Where can I buy fine art stationery?

    The Met Store offers an extensive selection of fine art stationery, unique office accessories, and other art-inspired gifts, each referencing original artworks in the Museum's holdings. Our stationery, art supplies, and home office gifts can be purchased in-store, by phone, or online.
  • Are art-inspired stationery sets good gifts for artists?

    Featuring details from original artworks in The Met collection, our art stationery, art supplies, and unique office accessories—magnets, journals, pens, and more—make fabulous art-inspired gifts for artists.
  • Where can I buy holiday cards that support the arts?

    Customers around the globe shop The Met Store season after season for its unparalleled selection of art-themed holiday cards. Every purchase in our gift shop supports The Metropolitan Museum of Art and its programs.
  • Where can I buy art-inspired desk decor?

    For the best art-inspired desk decor, you can't beat the selection at The Met Store. We offer stationery, art supplies, office gifts, and so much more to elevate the look and feel of your home office.
  • Where is the best place to find a new calendar that features great art?

    Year after year, The Met Store proudly presents a brand-new lineup of calendars—engagement, desk, wall, and pocket varieties—filled with world-class art to enjoy every day. Our calendars are also great art-inspired gifts for artists and fantastic office gifts for coworkers.
  • FAQ

    The Met Store's frequently asked questions