Designs Inspired by the Work of Edgar Degas

The Met Store offers art lovers exclusive items inspired by Edgar Degas. The Impressionist's eye for scenes of Belle Epoque Paris never fails to fascinate.

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  1. Degas Dancer Enamel Pin
    Degas Dancer Enamel Pin 5 5 5 1
  2. Edgar Degas: Little Dancer Sculpture
    Best Seller
    Edgar Degas: Little Dancer Sculpture
    $45.00 - $110.00
    As low as $45.00
    Edgar Degas: Little Dancer Sculpture 14 5 5 1
  3. Edgar Degas: Dancer with Raised Right Foot Sculpture
    Edgar Degas: Dancer with Raised Right Foot Sculpture 4 5 5 1
  4. Edgar Degas: Dancer Sculpture
    Edgar Degas: Dancer Sculpture 4 5 5 1
  5. Degas Dancer Coasters
    Degas Dancer Coasters 1 5 5 1
  6. Degas Dancer Kids' Tee
    Degas Dancer Kids' Tee
    As low as $17.50
A major figure in 19th-century French art, Edgar Degas infused detailed scenes of everyday Parisian life — a meal at a café, dancers in class, nude models in the artist's studio, families enjoying a stroll in the park —with evocative colors and perspectives. Over a long and distinguished career, he created a body of work in many media that few others have matched. Now, art lovers can own exquisite items based on Degas' artworks found in The Met collection, available exclusively through The Met Store.