Different ways to tie a silk scarf


Is there a more quintessential accessory than a well-styled scarf? An established, internationally appreciated way to add a bit of color or artistry to your outfit, a scarf layers interest over the simplest of clothing palettes. Scarves come in an array of sizes, shapes, and materials, and can be draped, wrapped, and knotted in endless combinations. Yet, it is common to wonder how to tie a scarf in a way that is both practical and eye-catching. Adding a scarf to your outfit can be as easy as draping it over your shoulders or tying it on your handbag—or you can try one of the following nine ways to tie a scarf: 

1. Shoulder Bow 


shoulder bow scarf knotshoulder bow scarf knot

The Shoulder Bow scarf tie is best done with a lightweight scarf, like one of our customer-favorite silk scarves. First, fold your scarf to the desired thickness. Then, single knot it on the side of your body that you want the bow to be featured. (You may want to wrap the cloth around your neck once or twice before making the knot, depending on its length.) Finally, tie the ends in a bow and situate it on your shoulder where it feels best. For a more voluminous bow, gently unfold the loops to add size. 

2. Kerchief Drape 


kerchief drape scarf tiekerchief drape scarf tie

The Kerchief Drape is an easy, relaxed way to style your favorite square scarf like The Met Cloisters Garden Square Silk Scarf or even a larger wrap. First, fold the fabric in half diagonally, creating a triangle. Then, with the peak corner of the triangle at the center of your chest, wrap the other two corners around the back of your neck and over the opposite shoulder. There is no need to tie the scarf, as pulling the corners on each shoulder will tighten and secure the wrap. Style an oversized scarf or a cozy wrap in the Kerchief Drape for a dramatic look.

3. Classic French Knot 


classic french scarf tieclassic french scarf tie

The Classic French Knot scarf tie is easy and can be done with any silk or satin scarf. It’s a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! To tie a classic French knot, simply fold your scarf until it is one thin band. Next, wrap the folded band comfortably around your neck, crossing the two ends behind your neck. Then, bring the two ends to meet just under your chin, and secure them with a single knot. Last, adjust the position of the knot slightly to one side, and tie the double knot. 

4. Triangle Knot


triangle scarf knottriangle scarf knot

The Triangle scarf tie is a variation of the kerchief drape detailed above. Again, you will fold your square scarf diagonally to form a triangle and again you will align the peak corner of your triangle with the center of your chest. Next, wrap one shoulder corner around the back of your neck to meet the other shoulder corner. Arrange the drape of the triangle however you would like, then secure the shoulder corners in a loose knot. The triangle scarf tie is a great way to feature your favorite floral scarf or that artistic scarf you’ve been eyeing. 

5. Italian Twist


Itallian twist scarf knotItallian twist scarf knot

The Italian Twist is an understated, intentional way to style your scarf. Begin with an oblong scarf like the Van Gogh Roses Oblong Silk Scarf folded into a narrow band. Fold the narrow band in half lengthwise to find the middle point. Next, wrap the scarf around your neck, aligning the middle point of the scarf under your chin. Cross the folded bands of your scarf behind your head and bring the ends of your scarf over each shoulder. Then, loosely tie the ends of the scarf in a single knot. Adjust the knot carefully, and allow the folds to loosen gently. 

6. Over the Shoulder


over the shoulder scarf knowover the shoulder scarf know

Sometimes your scarf styling can be as simple as throwing it over your shoulder! For this classic look, first fold your scarf to the width that you prefer. Then, lay your folded scarf around the back of your neck with both ends of the scarf laying over each shoulder and on the front of your body. Adjust the scarf to where one end of the scarf is hanging longer than the other. The last step is to bring the longer end of the scarf across your chest and over the opposite shoulder. It may take a few tries to achieve the look you are going for, but it is a fail-safe scarf wearing option for all types of scarves. Style the William Morris Mixed Patterns Oblong Silk Scarf with a simple, classic outfit for an eye-catching look.   


7. Reverse Drape 


reverse drape scarfreverse drape scarf

The Reverse Drape scarf look is a simple matter of laying your scarf artfully across the front of your body and over your shoulders. Drape the scarf around your neck however it looks best, letting the corners fall where they may. This style has a “the messier the better” attitude, so don’t try to make it perfect. This style is great for thicker wool scarves, but just as lovely with a reimagined floral shawl or a Louis C. Tiffany Irises Scarf from The Met Store. 

8. Single Infinity 


single infinity scarf knotsingle infinity scarf knot

The Single Infinity scarf tie loops your beautiful silk scarf around your neck and shoulders and drapes across the front of your outfit to give the scarf design center stage. To create the infinity look, lay your scarf on a flat surface and fold the scarf in half down the middle, matching the corners to create a rectangular shape. Pinch small sections of the corners that meet and tie them together. There should be two knots total. When you hold the scarf up, you will find that the knots have made a large loop out of the scarf that can be fitted over your neck. Drape the looped scarf over your shoulders and across your chest to create a beautiful layer over your shirt or sweater. Choose the Van Gogh Roses Oblong Silk Scarf for a timeless design.  


9. Knotted Double Loop 


knotted double loop scarfknotted double loop scarf

The Knotted Double Loop is a versatile scarf styling option, as it works well with airy silk scarves as well as warm wool scarves. To create the look, fold your scarf into a long rectangle shape. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck two times, then secure with a loose double knot. Adjust the knot to one side, if you’d like. The Knotted Double Loop adds the color and texture of your scarf to your overall look, but does not add a lot of volume, so it remains an understated addition. Try a Knotted Double Loop with a Louis C. Tiffany Peacock Feather Shawl for a warm, artful look. 


Scarves are a versatile accessory that lends an opportunity for creative expression to your daily dressing routine. From adding warmth to adding color, scarves are an essential item in your wardrobe. Infuse your spring fashion efforts this year with one of the gorgeous scarves you have been eyeing in The Met Store!