bierstadt merced river yosemite valley framed print

A day at The Met is among the very best ways to spend a day. Whether you are a Museum Member who anticipates each new exhibition or you’re from out of town but visit every time you’re in NYC,  you can count on The Met to fill you to the brim with art appreciation. Don’t leave the beauty behind when you head home. Instead, extend your love of art to your home styling with framed prints, gorgeous coffee table books, and more. Adding artful touches throughout your home brings The Met to you on a daily basis. 

Add New Art Prints to Your Home Gallery Wall

Create your personal gallery at home with framed prints from The Met Store. Select your favorite print to display in a location where you will enjoy it every day. Let the sublime landscape print of Merced River, Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt, with its expansive portrayal of California's Yosemite Valley be the focal point of your living room design. This archival reproduction print is sure to elevate your style at home with the Gold Tribeca wood frame. Or, add a captivating archival print of Utagawa Hiroshige’s lovely ukiyo-e woodblock print In the Kameido Tenjin Shrine Compound (1856). Hiroshige was one of the foremost landscape artists in Edo-period Japan, and the vibrant artistry of this print is unparalleled. Bring high-quality prints into your home to celebrate great art every day.

Van Gogh Roses Salad Plate Set for Tea TimeVan Gogh Roses Salad Plate Set for Tea Time

Elevate Teatime with Artful Dishes

Take your teatime to the next level with beautiful dishes from The Met Store. Select your new tea cups and saucers from the Van Gogh Roses Teacup and Saucer Set or the Redon Bouquet of Flowers Cup and Saucer Set. Each set contains four beautiful stoneware cups and saucers, and each style has matching plates and bowls to add to your collection. Sip your favorite The Met x Harney & Sons exclusive tea blend in the utmost artful style with cups and mugs  from The Met Store. 

If you love wandering the halls at The Met Cloisters, bring the beauty of them home with The Met Cloisters Mugs, in either black or white. Featuring details from a late 12th-century column shaft and capital at The Met Cloisters, you’ll love sipping from such an inspired mug. Expand your Cloisters dishware with nesting bowls, salad plates, and more with the complete The Met Cloisters Dishes offerings.

Decorative Pillows with famous artworkDecorative Pillows with famous artwork

Cozy Up with Art-Inspired Throw Pillows

Layer art-inspired pieces in an unexpected way with throw pillows from The Met Store. Don’t limit your art displays to what your walls can contain—cozy up your couch with a throw pillow of one of your favorite pieces at The Met. Martin Johnson Heade’s Hummingbird and Passionflowers features a black-eared fairy hummingbird that hearkens from the lowlands of the Amazon basin, where the passionflower also originates. The moody colors of Heade’s work are printed on soft 300-thread-count-cotton satin, making the Hummingbird and Passionflowers Throw Pillow an indulgent addition to your living room.  Vermeer Young Woman With a Water Pitcher and Martinet Bald Ibis are also available, along with many other lovely pillows to enhance your home style. 

Met Museum of Art Coffee Table Book with Historical ExhibitionsMet Museum of Art Coffee Table Book with Historical Exhibitions

Settle In with Met Publications

For an artful addition to your coffee table book stack, add one of The Met’s exquisite publications. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Masterpiece Paintings details 500 masterpieces from The Met collection. Featuring works created over 5,000 years in lavish color illustration, this monumental book includes an introduction and illuminating texts about each piece. A foundational work for any art lover’s collection, this volume is an invaluable resource. 

Another Met publication that will educate and inspire you as it traces Surrealism’s legacy is Surrealism Beyond Borders. A collection of contributions by over 40 distinguished international scholars, this comprehensive exhibition catalogue attempts to redraw the map of Surrealism. By tracing multiple narratives, this book transcends the borders of history, nationality, and geography while detailing more than 300 works of art. Well-known figures like Dalí, Kahlo, and Ernst are featured, as well as many less widely known artists. 

Display your love of art in your home style each day with intentional, artful home styling choices. From sipping your afternoon cup of tea from your Van Gogh tea cup to flipping through your latest coffee table book from The Met Store to fluffing the art-inspired pillows on your sofa—infuse your daily life with art!